This article is part of a series on building an MVP of a Data-driven cross-platform app with the following stack: React Native, Apollo GraphQL, and on the backend Node JS with Express and a MySQL Database.

This is the workflow I use whenever I need new data in my app. This way, it goes super-fast. Yeah. That's the benefit of being full-stack!

  • What do I want to show to the user, which fields do I need?

  • Schema (Index)

  • Connectors needed? API-REST is also a connector

  • Resolvers? Edit resolvers.js, routines/index.js, and the {resolvername}.js files

  • Write resolver and optional extra routines. Use model/connection from connectors.

  • Test query in GraphiQL

  • Create client side gql query and options at 'import.tsx'.
    (know format well) (know options format well)

  • import {compose, graphql} from 'react-apollo'; supply this to a component

  • use the resulting const {data: {queryname}} = this.props; to show what I want. If this is an array, use <FlatList />. FlatList is awesome!