I just arrived in Bali and I already got this question at least 5 times: How long are you staying here? Where are you going next? My answer is I don’t know. And I will now explain you why.

I practice a habit of having intermittent hyper immersion shifts: This is a term I just coined (I like to coin terms, it makes things more clear and easy to remember, in my eyes). So... But let me now give my definition of a HIS: Whenever you immerse yourself in a completely different world, you will see the whole world in a different way. You learn extremely fast in all facets of life because you had hundreds of small assumptions that prove untrue. Your beliefs will, therefore, become more general and coherent. Doing this regularly will, therefore, spark your brain and force it to learn. To change. To grow. Moments of change are moments of struggle, but also moments of learning.

Until I was 23, I only had a few of such moments: going to elementary school, going to high school, and going to university. Maybe I’m exaggerating with this amount, and maybe there were some small immersion shifts, but I’m not lying if I say I think that my life became way faster in the past, let's say 2 years. Or slower, however, you want to call it; because I got so much more done and learned so much more in a smaller amount of time!

How come? Well, my theory now is that once I started traveling, the amount of such ‘hyper immersion shifts’ has grown:

Going to Kathmandu, Nepal in September 2016 was the first.
Going to Thailand and Vietnam was the second (December 2016 until the end March 2017).
Going to a digital nomad scene environment in Chiang Mai was the third (April 2017),
Going back home was the fourth (May 2017)
The digital nomad environment continued in Europe from June until September 2017.
Creating my own imagined perfect environment for coding and kiting has been the fifth shift, in Tarifa, Spain (September 2017 until December 2017)
Going home again in January 2018 just made the previous time in that environment more evident and just confined my then attained beliefs.
Now, it’s February 2018 and I’m in Bali, where I am trying to live like a king with incredible coding + entrepreneurial productivity, social life and fitness. Although I’ve lived like this before, it is very hard for my mind to get used to it and I know it takes some getting used to (probably because hormonal regulations and blood levels and stuff I don’t know much about). Nonetheless, it is very interesting to see that there are so many, small and big, things that I just forgot about and am amazed and thrilled by.

So that’s why I went to Bali. To make another hyper immersion shift. And the effect is enormous. There are so many differences between living in Groningen and living in Bali...

I don’t know what the next hyper immersion shift is going to be because it probably will depend on my needs, which I can’t know yet.