One Startup Two Startups
Focus Applying things in both. Learning a valuable
lesson in one startup can help you
prevent mistakes in the other.
Commitment Enforced Commitment Still Possible
The one thing (book) One thing makes you blind, it's better to
see multiple viewpoints because
you work in different environments
Tricky. Startups have risk.
You can loose it all at once
Dynamic. Lean. Possibilities.
Your employee has you.
No authentic compensation required
Working at two startups at once
stimulates competition between your employees.
You can reward your best startup with
working there more and harder.
This automatically makes your salary
closer to what you are worth
80% failure. Success after 5 times on average 64% Failure. Success after <3 times on average
Most people do it. Elon Musk does it

These are all good reasons to go for two startups. So I do.