1. My Timeline

I like my timeline. It's sort of a collection of memories. Things I've done.
So I want to keep my timeline online, so I and others can look back at it.

It's already possible to download all your data from Facebook. What if there was a way to put it online somewhere else, for example, on your own domain, or on a website that doesn't harvest your data, where you aren't the product.

2. My contacts

A lot of my contacts live on Facebook. I don't have their contact information elsewhere. If I need to message them, I therefore need to go to Facebook. There needs to be a way to contact your Facebook contacts without Facebook.

3. Events

Sometimes I get invited for events only on Facebook. I will miss those when I don't check Facebook. There should be another way to invite people for events.


I fear missing out important life events happening in my friends lives. They will probably post this on Facebook and share it with people around them. Not on any other medium. There is a much smaller chance I hear those things if I don't check Facebook enough. Why isn't there a way to get updated about most important life events of your friends without all the distraction? I would love to be able to filter on actual importance.

5. I like the bubble

Most of all, I'm actually being fed a bubble of things that confirm my beliefs and things I like. It's heroin for the mind. I'm addicted to it. Is it good? Probably not, unless you get more control over which bubble you're in. Unless you are actively made more conscious over your bubble.


I didn't figure out a way to fight these drawbacks of quitting Facebook foregood yet, but I'm working on it. Suggestions are welcome. In the coming years, I love to participate in a movement for a more humane social network. I hope I can find a way.