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Facebook Dunbar
Spend less quality time with friends Spend more quality time with friends
by suggesting possible activities
Business model based on screentime Not screentime dependent, but
freemium model for special features
Stimulate FOMO, Anxiety and Stress
by infinite scrolling and more
features that stimulate this psychologically
Oversight in seconds. No FOMO, ever.
No infinite scrolling
Unlimited friends, so many your
relationships sparsify to a low level
Max 150 friends. You can't maintain any more anyway.
Knows everything of you, and
sells/leaks this information to everyone except you
Doesn't sell any data, but shows
you your personal statistics,
to teach you more about yourself
Ads targeted on making you
buy or do stuff you don't want to
No ads, freemium
Compresses a smile and other
emotions into a digital bit: The like
Doesn't allow these types of low-level
flat communication, in favor of real activities