What if short-term pseudo happiness such as food, sweets, facebook, email, WhatsApp and instagram are all mere distractions?

I have some low lows in which I feel really bad about myself and some high highs in which I feel like the king on the world.

It doesn't seem to have much to do with productivity. But what about flow? Yes. It does seem to have to do with doing what you want. Feeling well. Because I believe that feeling good is a choice.

Accepting dopamine triggers and other distractions in your environment is like shooting yourself in the foot. You don't want to be distracted, why do you allow those things to be part of your life? This makes Mr. Will Power necessary every single time you hear that Smartphone buzz or when you smell that delicious egg from your housemate. And he's not always present!

Mr. Will Power

Feeling good is about saying yes. It's about letting it happen. Going with the flow. Feeling certain that this will lead you in the right direction. Diminishing choice and decision, and especially diminishing having to choose for the lesser short-term result (a.k.a. needing Will Power's help again).

That's why I choose to immerse myself with tools that align well with productivity. That's why I choose to diminish distractions. Will isn't your mom. He doesn't clean up after you.