There should be a premium variant of Facebook without ads, where you can choose what you want to see.

What if you could set your goals and values and it would show you videos and posts based on that? Posts that maximize the possibility of you reaching your goals?

What if Facebook put effort into decreasing your time spent on their platform, in return for money? Make it as efficient as possible?

Worldwide, Facebook earns $7.26 per quarter per user. In the US, that was $26.26 in Q4 2017. What if you could pay €10 per month so you wouldn't be the product anymore? Would you do it? (In Europe the price could be just €3 per month, in Asia ±1 euro and in the rest of the world, even less)

There's one problem. Are they able to figure out what helps you achieve your goals? By what defenition will they be able to train their algorithms? With screentime that's easy, because you can easily measure it. But with achieving goals, it's not that easy. Maybe the user needs to say which videos helped them the most? An enquete now and then? The enquetes don't have to occur that often because the enquete results of people with similar goals can be used to know which posts help you too.

If Facebook isn't going to do it, can another platform start?

Maybe, but it's not easy. All you need to do is link posts to goals. Let new users choose their goals (and values), and let them create posts that are linked to a goal. Other people with the same goals will see those posts. They can, in turn, like/dislike these posts based on how much it helped them.