1. Structure and generalization brings reusability and clarity

And that reduces chaos. Also in business, that can improve many things.

2. Logic is important

Need I tell more? Make good decisions.

3. Efficiency and simplicity

Efficient code is good code. Efficient business is good business. Many great inventions are simple. I think that many big companies fail here. They are making things too complicated and inefficient. Ever heard about bureaucracy?

4. Automation reduces manual work

And that can save a lot of money. Duh...

5. Standalone/Independence is important to reduce risk and flakiness

Many things can go wrong when you are dependent on others. Making sure you are using dependencies that don't break all the time is very important. In business, I often see this in big construction projects where a company has to wait for other party (say, government) before they can keep going to finish the project. This can slow things down big time.

6. Pure and predictable functions are good to reduce flakiness

In business, this translates to the following: trust and transparency are important because it reduces risks.


I learned most of these concepts by coding a lot. Or at least, they became more apparent there. But now, all these principles are part of me as a person... Not just part of my coding skills. I apply them everywhere. Also in business.