Vietnam is the place where I really learned to do what I want. To go with the flow. To live. I dreamed, committed, and achieved. I had great fun, drank a lot, and in the end, I sobered up and looked back at an amazing two months full of fun and adventure.

Here are some of the things I've done. Looking back is amazing... so many great stories in just two months time!

The real Vietnam. The north (everything above Hanoi) is way less touristic and more real/authentic/untouched. I spent two weeks driving around the north of Vietnam with Faye, a serious travel-blogger who doesn't fool around.

Together we've spent days in small remote villages, eating for nothing, getting invited for Vietnamese New Years 'eve dinners, and having a lot of fun with locals!

This evening proved that, even though we didn't speak each others language, we had a lot of fun!

Broken scooters was daily business, but part of the adventure. Not knowing if you're gonna reach the next city is scary, but the happier you are if you did find something, and sometimes you'll end up in amazing places.

The mountains of the Hà Giang region.

This is the northernmost point of Vietnam.

After the north, I went to Cat Ba island, and I met an amazing group of people.

We asked a random Fisherman on Cat Ba island to go out for a boat trip. No, this wasn't via any touristic organisation... just a random Fisherman! Which made it way more unique and awesome.

Cat Ba island is south of Ha Long Bay. A landscape from out of this world.

After Cat Ba, I wandered around, slowly going south. Then I ended up in Mui Ne, where I adopted the work hard play hard mindset. I worked in a hostel for two weeks and had an amazing time, kiting and partying.

Eat sleep kite repeat. I've spent more than three weeks in Mui Ne. Unfortunately it was hard to find kite material but once I had it, I had some really stoked days!

I've spent the last week in Da Lat, working more and more.

Vietnam, you were wonderful.