As a starting entrepreneur like me, your work involves many different topics. It is hard to do the tasks you need to do in the amount of time you can technically do it in. There always seems to be too little time.

There are many distractions. The room or place you are physically in only has distractions within that area at that time, but your computer screen and phone are gateways to everywhere and all time. They expand possibilities of distraction and what you can do.

Without screens, what you do is often based on the area you're in at the moment. In my case, I do the following things in the following places: socializing: hostels, Thinking/reading: cycle, Networking: co-working spaces & events, sporting: outside or in the gym, reading: my bed.

When you're behind a computer screen, you can do anything in one place. It's even possible to do multiple things at the same time. This makes it harder to control what you do because you can change without relocating.

Many people don't distinguish what they do on the computer. When they're on the computer, they're on the computer.

Off-screen you're able to change activities by relocating. How do we do this on-screen? There should be a way to divide computer tasks not to get distracted and be able to focus more and to make sure you spend enough time covering all topics you need to cover, as planned.

I will divide my computer tasks by blocking certain websites certain periods of the day and week. I can even block work-related sites because I need to do other work. I have to divide screen-time into parts.

To not loose track of time, I should prioritize all tasks I need to do. Then I can split my days and hours in the day so that I will put the most time on the important stuff.

Let's prioritize:

Very important:

  1. programming for DigitalSelf
  2. programming for Communify
  3. learning to program PWA
  4. learning to program React Native
  5. learning to program Node JS
  6. architecture choice
  7. server configuration
  8. presentation making

Less important (but still important):

  1. learning about entrepreneurship
  2. strategizing, planning work
  3. strategizing, planning life
  4. socialize/communicate
  5. network
  6. learn German
  7. learn Portuguese
  8. video editing
  9. writing for
  10. writing for

The software Freedom lets us block certain websites for certain times of the day and certain days of the week. Let's make the Pareto Principle work. Let's make sure I spend 80% of my screen-time every day on the important stuff and 20% of my screen-time on the less important stuff, instead of how it is now: the opposite.

Prototype day:

This is my perfect day the coming months:

  • 8:00 Wake up, go running
  • 9:00 Shower, travel
  • 10:00-13:00 Work
  • 13:00-14:00 Lunch/network
  • 14:00-19:00 Work
  • 19:00-22:00 Groceries, cooking, eating, drinking
  • 22:00-1:00 Study or party (flip a coin)
  • 1:00-8:00 Sleep


9.5 hours per day screen-time

This would be perfect. Very efficient sightseeing. Of course, some evenings or even afternoons will be skipped because of a meeting, (network)event or more sightseeing, but if I can do this 70% of the time then it would be 66.5x0.7=46.5 hours per week on average, so my screen-time is about 6:40 hours per day


37.2 hours per week coding
9.3 hours per week less important stuff

Because I will be more social in hostels on Fridays and Saturdays, it will be harder to concentrate on the hard and important things Saturday and Sunday. Let's do less important things on the weekends! Make sure to touch all 10 topics a little. Hold a checklist for every weekend.

Let's see how it goes!