First, our world did not exist..
Then, our simulators created our world, in something new they invented, called time.
Time gave room for change, causality and a whole lot more.
A lot happened...
First, planets evolved.
On our planet, biology evolved.
Biology gave rise to something more powerful, something superior: zoology.
Zoology evolved into humanity.
In its turn, humanity created technology. Technology is, in its turn, superior to its predecessor.
It's important to note, that every new creation still can be impacted a lot by its predecessor. However, in the end, the superior creation may consume all previous kinds.
Will technology create something even more powerful than itself? Or can we impact our superior enough to create an equilibrium, and stop this explosion of superiority? Maybe we can steer our superior (technology) into the direction of creating more space for biology again.
This way, it might be possible to create an equilibrium on our planet.
If we succeed, we can live together, in harmony, for a very long time.
However, if we go outside the scope of our planets, this will bring many risks.
If we go out of the scope of our own planet, our superior kind has an advantage, which will let them be more free. They could create their own superior, which could be very dangerous for humanity.
As humanity, I believe, we should always strive to create harmony to avoid superiority because of the chance to be consumed.
Only in harmony, freedom can exist.