The problem

  1. Chaos Your contacts are scattered across all kinds of (social media) channels
  2. Privacy is gone Your data is sold and used to maximize profitability of you and your friends
  3. Sparse relationships The internet has grown the amount of people we interact with, but made every connection a lower quality one because we spend less time on every connection.
  4. Disconnectedness Internet connects the unconnected, but disconnects the connected. Average communication quality has become lower since the internet and text messaging/email has become the norm.
  5. Addiction Current social media business models are optimized for screen-time, which leads to addiction

The solution

  1. A Clear Overview Access all your friends and connections from one app.
  2. Privacy Your data is completely yours. We don't sell it. It doesn't even leave your phone!
  3. Choose for Meaning According to anthropologist Robin Dunbar, the limit of active stable relationships is 150. If you have more, this app helps you to get less connections, but more meaningful ones.
  4. Real Connections This app tends to get you off your phone and interact more in real life with the people that matter most to you. In this app, calling has priority over text-messages.
  5. Stop human downgrading FriendTime has a freemium business model - our goal is to make you a better person.