In a house, there are different rooms: living room, bedroom, kitchen, study room, etc.
This makes sure you are able to change your environment based on what you want to do.
The environment has a big effect on your habits, so this is important.
As a student or young professional, you often don’t have this luxury.
You just have one room.
Also in architecture, there is a trend in creating a more universal room.
This is not good for striving in multiple immersions of different goals, but it’s reality.

So how do we create those environments for ourselves when we live cheaply, (and maybe we are traveling)?

  1. Use public environments like libraries
  2. I Pay for Co Working spaces
  3. My bedroom is just for sleeping & intimacy. Also I work on my mindset & life balance there every evening.
  4. Maybe you can go to a hostel if you want to be social. A hostel in Bali costs just 5$ a night.
  5. Make sure you are mindful about your device usage. On your smartphone you’re everywhere because you have internet. On your computer the same. There are tools to make your environment online more separate & immersed into certain goals. Freedom is the one I use regularly.

I managed to split up my daily life into a few different environments. This is good because I can be in the moment and be where I am most times of the day. I have my bedroom, I have the beach & the sea, I have the coworking space.

But what if I was able to create more different immersions? What if I split up my different professional goals into different environments? It’s my hypothesis that I would be able to focus better on different new skillsets if I would immerse myself more. This way it’s also way easier to manage time. You just go somewhere if you want to immerse yourself into that area. For example, I can have a different environment for writing, photography, marketing, programming, and meditation. I can even split it up more. For programming, I can have a different environment for fast coding, perfect coding, fixing bugs, UI/UX, and DevOps.

I could immerse myself into different environments. In every environment, I want to provide different visual cues that remind me of what I should be doing (just like different rooms in a house).