Launch Café

Coworking Launch Café
Launch your startup in this awesome co-working space. They offer a €2 lunch every day which is great to socialize with other entrepreneurs.
Price: €100 per month, €125 per 10x, or €15 per day.

The Big Building

Coworking in the Big Building
This enormous building is going to be demolished next year, but until then it's the perfect place for startups to grow. They only really use the second floor in this 5 floor building. Make sure you contact them before going there, because you need a card to go in!
Price: unknown

De uurwerker

Coworking in de uurwerker
This place is more like a café and restaurant but it also has co-working places. You can sit there for free with fast WiFi and electricity, and lunch, snacks, coffee or even dinner can be ordered while working!
Price: Free


Coworking in wadapartja
It’s amazing. People with tablets here, people having business conversations, etc, etc. You really hear something’s going on here. This is really a nice place to do some business. Of course, wadapartja and de uurwerker are a little bit more oriented on people that come together and talk. It’s not really a place to go into deep concentration because there’s also beer, music, and a lot of chit chat. But it’s still possible! They have electricity, WiFi, and you can easily order food and coffee.
I really like the concept of wadapartja and de uurwerker, although it’s kind of strange.
People that go here really seem to be hard-working modern people.
I would totally recommend this if you have a business meeting or something. They don’t look weird at you if you stay here for 3 hours and both take laptops out of your bag, it’s made for it here!
If you want to work the whole day alone, I would go somewhere else. It would be easier to concentrate. In here, it's too easy to relax! But nothing is impossible. I'm typing this from here.

Price: Free

De Pijp

Coworking in de pijp

Still have to go here, but I have good expectations.

Price: €100 per month

Do you know any other places where you can work and network short-term? Let me know, as I want to try them all in Groningen, and post my findings here.