Hey everyone. I decided to make a list of all apps and tools I use as a nomadic entrepreneur.

Uber & Grab - Grab in Asia, Uber for the rest of the world. You probably know them, they're a quick and cheap way to get a cab.

Kiwi - I book my flights with them. Their search function is amazing!

N26 - It's a German bank which doesn't charge you any fees when you get money out of ATM's abroad, which saves you a lot of money in the long term!

WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Signal, Slack, Skype and Outlook - apps I use for communicating. Especially Signal is nice for sending confidential stuff, and Slack is useful for teams.

Drive, Dropbox, Keep & Trello - apps I use for keeping my files, notes, and to-do-lists.

Remote keyboard - use a telnet connection to type on your phone with your laptop keyboard!

App usage tracker - Good to know how much time you spend on your phone.

Audible - When I'm on the move and I'm alone, I often listen to audio books, which is a good way to kill time and read. Instead of being bored!

Udemy - I follow loads of high quality courses of all topics I need for my business. It's a University in your pocket!

Instagram apps: I use Boomerang, WordSwag, InstaSaver & Later to get, make, edit, and schedule my Instagram posts.

Drift - I use this to chat directly with website visitors. It's amazing!