This article is part of a series on building an MVP of a Data-driven cross-platform app with the following stack: React Native, Apollo GraphQL, and on the backend Node JS with Express and a MySQL Database.

These are all shortcuts I use

In VSCode

⌘x cut line

⌘c copy line

⌘/ comment line

⌘⇧L select all occurences

⌥↩︎ select all occurences of find match

⌘F find in this file

⌥⌘F replace in this file

⌘⇧F find in all files

⌘⇧H replace in all files

⌘B show/hide files

Ctrl+Space suggest

⌥ word instead of letter when using ←backspace

⌘ line instead of letter when using ←backspace

fn F12 go to definition

fn ⌥ F12 peek definition

⌘click peek definition

⌘+plus at a green stripe: quick fix

⌘z undo

⌘⇧z redo

⌘⇧P vscode shell

ctrl ~ open/close CLI

ctrl ⇧ ~ open new CLI tab

⌥↓ move line down

⌥↑ move line up

⌥⇧↑ copy line up

⌥⇧↓ copy line down

On MacOS

ctrl ⌘ space special characters & emoji's

⌘ space search anything

ctrl ◀︎/► go to different desktop


⌘⇧ G go to folder

In Simulator (React Native):

Menu in Android ⌘M
Menu in iOS ⌘D
Home button ⌘⇧H

In Chrome (React):

Open Dev Console: ⌥ ⌘ I

Terminal commands:

git init
git remote add origin
git add .
git commit -m "message"
git push

ssh [email protected]
git stash
git pull
yarn build
yarn serve

pm2 stop {id}
pm2 status
pm2 log {id}