I started as an entrepreneur in Januari this year. That's 10 months ago now.

Januari, Februari and March have been mostly traveling and ideas. I had an Instagram to build a community and contacted some people for advice, but that's it. I didn't create much.

In April I went to Chiang Mai and built a huge social network on Wordpress. At least I created something, but the quality was crap. I needed to learn how to build real things.

In May I started exploring Javascript and tried a lot of open source projects. I read a lot about it and in June I decided to really learn it because it seemed to be the best way to do things at the time. So I started reading and following courses.

In July and August I have been learning and creating my first app with React Native & Apollo using some open source material and courses. But I didn't ship because the project codebase became too complex and I drowned in a cup of tea that was not my cup of tea. It was never going to be ready if I continued like this because I spent debugging for ever... In this period I was also very demotivated to code because I knew it wasn't gonna work. I didn't know what to do because I didn't want to give up this project. It was my end-goal. But it was just too much. I needed to learn piece by piece first.

So I decided to start over. From zero. And so I did. September and October have been about learning and applying the basics of the stack I want to make an app with. Learning by creating from scratch. Now I have a really good understanding of what I'm doing.

Now it's november: The past two days I have spent 8 hours a day in the code editor, which means that I didn't need to look up much. Last week I created a to-do app for teams called 'Proud'. This week I went on from that and now I'm halfway of re-creating MasterCrimeZ - a Maffia-Style Text-based RPG I created long ago using MySQL, PHP and Web. Now I'm building that using Javascript & Native.

I know what to do and how to do it, and this is an amazing feeling. I'm finally where I want to be: In Flow. Pure creation. If the rest of november and december will follow this pattern, then there are great times ahead. I will get shippin'! Cuz real artists ship.

December has yet to come but I can already make a prediction: For me 2017 was a year of ideas, choosing the right ones, and learning a lot about how to create them. 2018 is going to be the year of creation.