Really Nerdy React Native Rampage Now

In this article, I will completely rant out about React-Native. I basically do this for myself as note-keeping; instead of losing track, I will keep all stuff ordered and neat in this article. I will provide links to interesting material so that you can learn it with me!

Hi, I'm Wijnand, and I am a nomadic entrepreneur that is studying and working on the move. I have a startup called Travel Life Movement, and recently I went completely nuts about React and React native.

Do you want to know why? Let me explain.

I. Getting started

Before 2017

I've programmed in HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL since I was 13. I had a text-based Mafia RPG game that I maintained and improved all the time. During my AI Bachelors, I have programmed in Java, C, C++ and Python. For a side-project, I've programmed in Pascal. But I've never touched Javascript before. I just didn't like it.

My observations about coding web(apps) in 2017

The whole web app and app world is changing rapidly, and javascript is hard to dodge these days. It's impossible to know everything because the moment you've learned it all, things have changed again. As a coder nowadays, it's very important to be able to adapt, and use resources that are freely available. Don't re-invent the wheel! Instead of creating your own bricks, built a house with all the bricks lying around! They're not always perfect, but it's gonna be a trade-off between development-time (time == money) and quality anyway. Better create 80% of the result in 20% of the time. That said, I think it's still very important to research well before starting. Building on top of garbage can never create wealth. A monkey with a golden ring is still an ugly thing! A good start is half of the work. Yeah... I like sayings.

Let me convince you: React is the future!

I've read much on, and all articles have the same conclusion: Javascript is getting stronger, and will not go away anytime soon.
Some really nice articles here and there have convinced me to go all in on React Native and React. Some more articles if you still need to be convinced.

If you like to read.... Just see my recommendations on Medium!

I'm sure in a few years, react will standardize one codebase for web, Android, iOS, WP.... Everything. And that's why I'm all in on React right now!

My plans...

In June, I was studying and working with React Native about 10 hours or more. I´m decreasing this number to about 8 hours per day now to maintain the right work-life balance, but the point is that I was very excited.. You may ask why. Well, I have an amazing plan to build an application for travelers. It's gonna be all you need, the Google, Facebook, and WhatsApp for travelers. I will not go into the details, but I'm super excited about it. I'm obsessed. Oh, and did I say I was excited? Well, I am.

II. Setup


Obviously, MacOS is the best OS for developing with React Native because you can test both iOS and Android apps at the same time. It's not possible to do this on Linux or Windows. Unfortunately, I'm already committed to Windows, but there's a big change that I'm buying a Mac laptop. If you have any second-hand Macbook lying around and you're located in Germany, let me know. You can trade it for my HP Windows laptop.


For React Native, I've tried WebStorm, Sublime, and VSCode. It seems to be a trade-off between functionality and speed. I think VSCode is the best because you can install lots of plugins that make it really functional, but if you want to keep it simple and fast, that's also fine. WebStorm gets a little slow sometimes, even on my i7 8GB RAM Laptop.


I'm going to try Prettier, Linting, Reactotron, Webpack, and lots of other tools. There are so many things that can make your coding experience better. I will give short descriptions of all my experiences here!

III. Useful Components, Libraries, and Examples

Sites to explore.

JS Coach is a good way to explore popular RN stuff. Of course, Google also works, and you'll often end up at Github, but keep this one in mind, might be useful!

My Medium Recommendations - I read tons of articles about Javascript, and they're often on Medium. That makes my recommendation list a useful resource. I follow lots of awesome JS devs. I think it's a great way to see the bigger picture of Javascript!

Follow me on GitHub - I star all nice repo's I find.

Egghead is a great website to get started with modern coding in general, and also has awesome courses about React Native! I totally recommend this website. Beware that some courses are for the more experienced developers, as they are sometimes a little bit fast to take it all up!

Handlebars has a nice course and it's free!

IV. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

After some exploring, I share my findings here:

> All I say in this video is basically that Wix's nav is better than Facebook's recommendation because it is built on top of actual native navigation components.

The next day, I figured out that I shouldn't be so perfectionistic and just went for React Native Navigation because it was already in my boilerplate! Also, I tried Wix's navigation, but I couldn't figure it out. They didn't have a very good documentation for setting up Android, and it takes more steps than the official Navigation to set it up correctly. Let's just go for simplicity...

By the way... This article is really good at explaining the official Navigation for RN :) this one

Higher order components pack for general purpose components

This can save you a lot of time because you don't have to reinvent wheels.

  1. Native Base
  2. RN Elements
  3. Ant Design Mobile
  4. Shoutem UI

I still have to explore all of them. I'm using Native Base in my prototype app right now, and I quite like it!

Native Base has been around for longer, and RN Elements looks like an American Copy of it, but it might be better, I don't know yet. I'll try them both!

The general purpose components can be used widely in my apps! Here I play around a little with Native Base.

> Check this playlist for some info and playing around with Native Base!

React Native for The Web!?

I think this is the future, but it can go both ways... Write everything in React Native and automatically compile it into a website too. Or write everything for the web, creating a progressive web app that works on Android and iOS too, giving access to native sensors and components. Currently, my personal opinion is going for the first option, because I think the progressive web apps don't work that well yet on iOS, and the disadvantage number two is that you can't find your PWA's in the app stores yet. But it may all change! Who knows. There's just one certainty: React.

Some really interesting projects:


Click here for some awesome starter kits

Ignite is very useful as a boilerplate. I'm using that now.

Of course, there are much more boilerplates to choose from... Just go for one, it doesn't matter. Whatever feels good.

Modals and pop-ups

V. Other resources

HighScalability contains very interesting articles about the scalability of big apps.

I'm going to get into PWA's, React, Node JS, NoSQL, Ansible and Ghost CMS! I am super focussed on RN right now, but I am finding these technologies very interesting for the future!

React: enzyme and Jest: testing.

Cheat Sheet for styles in RN: X


Interesting RN projects:

React Native Radio
We can even listen to React related stuff in our spare time, and get to know all the ins and outs of React Native. How nice! <-- yeah... I'm on a rampage.

Good articles July 2017


Evan Rogic, Toptal - The synergy of React, Redux and Immutable.js, when used right, offer some elegant solutions to many performance issues that are often encountered in large web applications. Immutable.js allows us to detect changes in JavaScript objects/arrays without resorting to the inefficiencies of deep equality checks, which in turn allows React to avoid expensive re-render operations when they are not required.

VI. Study group

Are you super exited right now about RN? Do you like to travel and are you planning to put loads of time into learning this language? Then contact me! I am managing a Javascript co-study group as a part of my startup Travel Life Movement. Check it out and ask me to join!