I quit my job to work on my own startup(s). I want my savings to last as long as possible, so I decided I want to live more economically.

  • I cancelled Ziggo (the Internet + TV subscription) saving me €54 per month. I switched my phone plan to KPN 5G Unlimited (calling, SMS, and internet) for €29 a month. Instead of having internet at home, I will just create a hotspot on my phone from now on. The internet plan on my phone has faster internet speeds anyway!
  • I bought a Fridge. This allows me to buy cheaper vegetables and meat, and go to the supermarket less often, making it easier to focus on buying cheap groceries and not get tempted. I spent about €250 a month on food. This will become about €75 a month, saving me €175 a month
  • I bought a filter-coffee machine. I had a Dolce Gusto machine, which cost me €29 a month for 4 cups of coffee per day. Now I can buy filter coffee, which will cost €5 per month, saving me €24 a month.
  • I quit a handful of subscriptions, saving me €50 a month

All in all, this saves me €300 a month. My total costs of living go down to €1000 a month. With housing- and care-benefits, and a profit from my savings investments, I earn about €446 a month. This means I loose around €554 a month. With my savings (about €20k), this makes it possible to keep living like this for 3 years!

This sets the stage for a new adventure: working full time on multiple startups for at least 3 years. We'll see where it goes from here!