This month I made the move to the wild west: Amsterdam, to pursue my goals as an entrepreneur and start working at two startups as full stack app developer. With this move I decided to work on my habits, and one of them is what I eat. This is my groceries list now, and my main goals with this is to eat healthier (like a caveman), cheaper, spend less time going to supermarkets, and buy food with less packaging (plastic).


  • cashew nuts, fruit, studenthaver, plantmilk (200ml) = 2KG cashew + 2KG studenthaver + 6L milk PER MONTH (€50/month)
  • Tea, Matcha, or Coffee (€6/month)

total: €56


  • Monday - Friday I lunch at work (includes vegetables, bread, cheese, fruits, etc.) = free
  • In weekend super lunch/brunch in cafe or at home = €40 per month


  • Sweet potatoes, potatoes, onions (6kg) = €5
  • Brocoli, beans, spinach, cauliflower, avocado (Freeze blanchated or buy frozen) 6kg/month = €12
  • Eggs (16pc./month) = €4
  • Salmon & Chicken (3kg/month) = 24+7 = €31,-
  • Rice = €2

Total €54. Good recepies at

Spices / oil / other

  • Coconutoil = €5
  • Garlic, Gember = €5
  • Chili Sauce = €1
  • Beer (Special, normal, or alcohol free) = €40

Total: 51


My total costs for this new diet: €192/month! That's not a lot more expensive than normal and it can all be bought once a month!

The advantage of bigger orders is bigger packages with less plastic per kilo.

Have this all delivered as much as possible via Picnic/Appie or buy at zero waste grocery store or market.

Monthly shopping list

  • Cashew nuts 2kg
  • Studenthaver 2kg
  • Coconutmilk 6L
  • Sweet potatoes 2kg
  • Potatoes 2kg
  • Rice 2kg
  • Onions 2kg
  • Frozen brocoli, beans, spinach, cauliflower 4kg
  • 12 avocados
  • 7 bananas
  • Eggs 24pc.
  • Salmon 2kg
  • Chicken 1kg
  • Alcohol free beer
  • Alcoholic beer
  • Special beer
  • Coconutoil or Olive Oil 500ml
  • Coffee 36st.
  • Tea
  • Garlic, Gember

I will edit it here if it proves to be too much or too little. For the coming weeks, I will place a weekly order on and let it be delivered on saturdays in a 2-hour window. Not bad!

Future ideas

In the end, I really think there should be an app that predicts your groceries pattern, helps you eat healthier, helps you buy cheaper, and delivers your food, exactly how much you need. All you have to do is propose changes if you have too much of something or too little, or if you want to change your eating pattern. With MYPO (one of the startups I work for now) your food can be delivered when you aren't home, and the mailman can take your empty pots and boxes with them and replace them with full ones. In the future, I want to go as far as making my own mustard, ketchup, mayo, tomato sauce, peanut butter, maybe even bread. I also want a year of food storage in a pantry. This is something for further research.

Another app would be An app for the dutch greedy people that like to buy food that's for sale. In every supermarket there's different foods for sale every week. Most supermarkets support ordering food through their website/app nowadays. Combine all supermarkets in one app and only show the food that's for sale, and you get (dutch for greedy). This would be ideal to save a lot of money! However, this idea is not sustainable, because when it gets too popular, supermarkets will stop selling food so cheaply because they lose money on it if people only buy food that's for sale. Nevertheless, it's a great idea.

Another thing that I want in the very long term would be my own indoor farm that produces enough greens to eat. How much room would be needed for this I don't know, but there are already a few systems like this on the market. Of course, I need a bigger house for this, and it shouldn't cost too much time either.