My 7 Levels of Freedom to minimise stress, doubt and regret and maximise possibility, happiness and growth:

In my eyes these are 7 different levels of freedom that are most important:

  1. Location freedom: Being able to do your work from as many locations as possible
    a. Facility freedom: being able to do your work with as little facilities as possible (internet, proper chairs, workshop, tools, laptop, etc.). This increases the set of possible locations.
  2. Time freedom: Being able to do your ‘work’ at any moment of the day
  3. Independence of physical objects: Minimise the need for expensive stuff to feel happy and comfortable
  4. Independence of external pseudo pleasure, unnatural pleasures, and short-term pleasures: Minimise the need for good (fast) food, social media, tv, computer games. Try to surround yourself with natural, real, long-term pleasures. You don’t need much for that.
  5. Independence of external expectations: Minimise need to meet expectations of others. The longer term the expectations, the worse. That said, it may be necessary to make promises that are work related, and when made, it is very important not to break them to maximise trust and openness for efficiency.
  6. Independence of future & past:
    1. Promise freedom: Minimise promises to others for future events
    2. Independence of accommodation: Minimise planning ahead and long-term contracts.
  7. Independence of short-term results: no need to deliver short-term. Your long-term results are good enough for a buffer that can help in times without positive results. Focus on growth and consistency instead of short-term results.

Do what you truly want, when you want it. Don’t wait, and adopt a lifestyle that supports this long-term.

If you choose the right long-term goals and create a short-term plan that is loosely based on this, you will have a great life with great results!

NB: I didn’t put independence of money in there, because when you meet the 7 things above you don’t need a big income at all!

What do you think? Which factors are important to you to minimise stress, doubt and regret, and maximise possibility, happiness and growth?