Dopamine gets you high. It makes you satisfied and confident. There are a few drugs that trigger it: alcohol, cocaine, morphine.... but what triggers it more? Gambling, porn, sugar, social media, Netflix.... It is triggered by things that look like the real thing, but they aren't - gambling isn't winning (you loose first). Porn isn't sex.... sugar isn't good nutrition... social media isn't social. Watching Netflix isn't actually experiencing it yourself... They're quick hacks. Don't even get me started on gaming.

In my humble opinion.... These ways of getting your dopamine-needs are not the right ways. You should seek justified dopamine: dopamine that you get from things that align with your long-term goals.

Where do you find them?


For one, just be productive when you work. The good thing is that hard work also gives you dopamine. It just takes a little more effort. Whenever you accomplish a goal, it will release a little bit of dopamine.

There are some 'hacks' that make this feeling of dopamine when you work more apparent. One is to talk about your achievements and share them openly... Another is to divide your huge goals into 'SMART' tasks (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound) and be conscious of the fact of achieving every single task. Also, you need to focus on how you think you will feel when you achieve a big, big goal. This enhances the actual feeling when you reach it.

Another thing that works incredibly well for me is exercising and kitesurfing. The exercises make me feel strong. Kitesurfing makes me feel excited, time and time again because you never know what's going to happen. The combination of fear and reward in kitesurfing is enormous and this releases high amounts of adrenaline and dopamine. The good thing is that it keeps me fit which is a long-term goal. It also makes great conversation (social) with fellow kitesurfers.

Last but not least, real social interaction will give you plenty of dopamine that many people tend to find in porn, Netflix, and social media.

There are probably many more justified dopamine triggers. I am in the process of completely abandoning the dopamine-hacks and immersing myself with the justified ones.

Why do I care so much about all those little quick hacks? Why do I despise them more and more? Because in the end, it makes us all unhappy as it drags us away from achievement. In the meantime, the planet is getting destroyed and taken over by robots. And nobody gives a fuck.