You might not have identified them yet, but it’s true: shit elephants are everywhere.You can find them on Facebook, on TV, and in the newspaper. In the Netherlands, we have a saying: “Never turn a fly into an elephant”. Furthermore, it’s common sense that you shouldn’t only talk about shit because then you become it.

You are what you eat, and the whole society is eating the elephant shit, shit out by a massive herd of shit-elephants. We can’t go around them anymore, they’re getting bigger and bigger, and the smell becomes worse too.

I mean... A few flies sitting on a pile of shit are all right. Of course I don’t like them, but they don’t hurt anybody…. But with this herd of elephants lately, it’s a whole different story. And we’re eating all their shit like yo momma eats a big mac burger XL: She’s scared to get fat, but she eats it anyway.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the problem with the emotion-driven commercial media industry - media that most people see, read, hear every day. The growing heaps of shit elephants crap out nowadays are, in fact, the topics that the commercial media industry cover.

Because, ladies and gentlemen, media is not relying on truth. Some elephants don’t even care about the truth. It’s all about money. Yeah…. Shit elephants eat money, and we eat the shit the shit-elephants shit. And we can’t have enough of it.
You get it already?

Well...Maybe you don’t, or at least… You don’t probably don’t believe me. Let me give you a few examples of what I call elephant-shit we eat, elephant-shit shit out by shit-elephants.

  1. All news about the elections in the USA of last year.
    What the media showed us:
    The battle between Trump and Clinton, emphasizing all the unproven shit they’re blaming each other of and all the shit they’re screaming out all day.
    What they should’ve shown to us:
    An honest view on all possible future candidates, the stuff they achieved in their lives and the stuff they stand for, giving people a good overview so that they can make a good vote.

  2. All plane crashes, school shootings, and terrorist attacks.
    They show us this because it scares the shit out of us. And because of that, we will watch for hours and hours. We are wired to look for the scary shit, so that we can feel more safe, knowing about it.

And that’s exactly the problem that the digital age brings us. It shows us scary shit that actually isn’t that damn dangerous. In fact, the numbers are quite small. More people die every day of drug abuse or alcohol abuse than of plane crashes, school shootings and terrorist attacks combined.

I know that a farmer only eats what he knows. But just think about it… What if all that farmer knows is shit? What if the triple-A beef-steak slowly turned into shit the last few decades? Well, since you become what you eat, that farmer must be shit too…

Now I want to ask you... Are you that farmer? Then make sure you learn to identify the shit from the steak! The internet is a powerful place...

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