Today I was listening to Drum & Bass when I thought: 'What if this would be classical? That would be epic!' So I searched for 'Drum & Bass classical', and voila! Somebody made it 7 years ago. There are much more situations like this. There is a pattern that uncommon thoughts we put on the internet can be found by others. Normally, this kind of thoughts would end because it doesn't exist.

When you search things on Google, it always exists, so I often find myself lookup up a combination of two random words I know because I think that would make sense to exist, and almost always it exists. Sometimes it is phrased a little different, but because of the pattern of always being able to find something like it, I think you become more creative and more self-determined and certain.

If you compare this to real life situations, I often find myself talking to people, and when I am getting creative, putting random words together that make sense to me, the answer is often something like 'Nah, that's not possible' or 'That doesn't exist' or 'I don't know man' or 'No, you're wrong, it's like this and this.' (unless you're both drunk).

I really think this is a big distinction between Real Life and Google. Google gives you positive feedback on creativity while most real life situations don't.

Obviously, another big pattern of Google is that you can directly get to know things you want to know. In real life this is not the case.

That's why I think people that spend a lot of time on Google become more creative and smart.

However... There is also a drawback about Google, because there is the self-confirmation pattern. You're always right, and you not always get to see the other, more common perspective. Google is an echo chamber of our own thoughts, which makes us more self-determined because we often seem to be right. In real life, other perspectives cause us to think which make us more open-minded.

So yeah... That's my perspective, and this time I didn't want to be biased by google, so I made it all up. What's yours? And if you found this using Google, please let me know. That would totally confirm my theory!

Google is your friend! - Albert Einstein