The past year I've lived according to a plan of going to a new city every few weeks. I started with backpacking in Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam. Then I started working in Chiang Man, Groningen, Hamburg, Prague, Berlin, Budapest, Bansko, Lisbon... The longest I've been in one place was a mere month in Chiang Mai.

I did all this, having a pretty clear plan, especially after being at home in Groningen, it became very strict (being in the more expensive Europe had a lot to do with this). I prefer having no plan and focus on having the most fun and positive environment instead. If a place bores me or doesn't fit my needs anymore, or people don't inspire me... I move on. If a place (and its people) are fun, and I enjoy it a lot, and am able to achieve a good amount of my goals... Then why should I move on?

The last few months have been quite stressful to be honest. I pushed myself to work a lot, and around that I tried to meet many people, explore many things, and learn a few habits. Every 2-3 weeks I entered a totally different environment, which forces me out of my old habits and forces me to put energy into creating new ones.

Let's flow

Let's flow at work!

My philosophy remains the same: A travel life with a habit of change can be very good for your development. Unfortunately, ones energy is limited, so for greater efficiency and focus on work, a more stable environment is probably better... And that's what I need right now.

Normally, I've had a clear and rather specific answer to the question of "How long are you staying here?"

But now I've got a new answer:

I don't know.

Tomorrow I'm going to Tarifa. I'm very exited to be able to live for one of my greatest passions for a while: kitesurfing.