In the past 2 centuries, urbanisation, distance communication (telegram, calling, television, internet, flat communication) and accessible commuting speed has caused our networks to expand. As a result, we are digesting many more connections and interactions than we were designed to. Human beings exists for 200.000 years, and we've evolved to live in groups of ±150 people. Our brain can't maintain more than ±150 active relationships. Until relatively recently, the majority of the global population maintained this group size, and thus this networking size. In the past 200 years, we've invented trains, cars, airplanes, urbanisation and distance communication. This led to extreme growth in the amount of people the average person interacts with on a regular basis, and the amount of one-time interactions. Let's call this the Human Network Explosion.

My hypothesis is the following:

"The Human Network Explosion has all kinds of negative side-effects, simply because we are not designed for this, and evolution does not allow such big changes in a few generations. Some people may adopt better than others, but on average, the Human Network Explosion increased probability on getting many many mental health problems like stress, depression, psychosis and loneliness, and probably many physical health problems too".

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