This is how I try to diminish distractions to spend my time as effective as I can:

  • Don't get distracted by your phone or computer. Write down important thoughts, but focus and concentrate on just one thing for as long as you can to stay sharp. Use to make it impossible to get distracted.

  • Solve attention pollution. Be here and now, even while on the internet. Read more

  • Create habits for yourself so you don't have to doubt everything, even in the face of the habit of change (being nomadic). When coming to a new place, just choose a daily rhythm and go for it.

  • Grow your willpower by achieving self-set challenges and being open about it. A good way to do this is

  • Cycle through your life Read more

We are distracted hundreds of times a day, too many times to recover into focus.

See the book 'The Shallows: Impact of Internet on our brains' for some nice statistics from 2008-2010 about internet and smartphone usage.

This is a good article on the fact that it takes a long time to recover from a distraction and how distractions impact work. click