Nothing tops Groningen: City of Talent. Student city. Cycling city. The city that feels like a village. Groningen is all of it. Instead of going to Amsterdam I would recommend nomadic entrepreneurs and digital nomads to check out Groningen once. It's just a €7 Flixbus away from Amsterdam, and the weed is just as good. Groningen is my hometown. I think it's a really good place for nomadic entrepreneurs and digital nomads to stay. As of the 5th of July, it pops up at the 13th place on Nomad List, which is quite good for such a small city. Nevertheless, it's still rather uncommon for digital nomads to go there. Time to raise awareness!

Groningen kaart

5 Reasons to check it out


It's rather cheap to live and easy to find short term rent: Rent is about twice as cheap as in Amsterdam.


There are many co-working spaces and free work facilities like the library. I prefer Launch Café because it is very centrally located and it organizes a €2,- lunch every day, where you can meet other entrepreneurs.
Launch Café


There is amazing nightlife. Besides the Poelestraat, where you can find cheap (€1-€2.50) beer all night every night, we often have bigger parties like this one, in the middle of the big market:


There are many students, which brings a lot of talent. Out of a population of 202k, there are about 55k students. With 27%, this is the biggest percentage of students I know of in any city. Please contact me if you know a city with a bigger percentage of students.

This is Zernike Complex, where most students study.


You don't need a car here. Public transport is fine, but I would advise buying a cheap bike. You can find cheap second-hand bikes on Marktplaats, or ask me, because I sell one for €50 as of June 2017.

Going from one side of Groningen to the other just takes half an hour. Within the city center, you're often faster on a bike than with a car.
Cars are slower

That's it for now. If you have other questions about Groningen, just ask me. I'm here to help, and I will add answers to this article later!