My lifecycle is as follows. I get a regular job... Save up money until I have savings for about a year, then I quit my job and start fulltime on side-projects until I'm broke. Then I find a job again. This cycle repeats itself.

There are also other options. One is to get equity in a startup and become rich if the startup gets a lot of funding. The other is safe enough money, buy shares, and life on the interest.

Dev Lifecycle Singularity

The dev lifecycle singularity happens when you leave this lifecycle. There are 3 options:

1) You safe enough money to life from your interest

2) The startup you took equity in explodes and makes you a lot of money so you can exit.

3) Your own side projects become succesful and you can live on passive income.

What will happen in the end? I hope that I can make my side project work. But time will tell.