Daylight is good for me.


In Scandinavia (but also in the Netherlands), a lot of people are depressed because they don't get enough daylight.
Still though, people in the Netherlands end up working 9-5 inside a building. In winter, this means they go to work in the dark, and when they can go home, it's already dark again. In the summer, there is some time left to catch some daylight, but in essence, they spend the lightest part of the day inside a building. Why!?

As a freelancer, I have a lot more freedom. I can choose whenever I want to work. Therefore, I'm trying an experiment. I still want to work 40+ hours a week, but not between 1PM and 7PM. At those times, I will catch my daylight.

Also, I will try to sleep outside sometimes. Fresh air can't be bad for you so it won't hurt. This won't give me more daylight, but it does give me some more fresh air. On my balcony I have a hammock, which sleeps perfectly. I already found that I've got more energy when I sleep there. The only problem is the noise and it's a bit cold there, but those problems can be solved.

The answer to life, the universe, and everything

Did you know a day has 24 hours? Did you know that is the same as 4 times 6 hours? Yes, it's true. Also, 6x7 is 42. This must be the answer to everything. That's why I choose to make this another experiment.

The coming months, I'll try to split up my day into 4 pieces. Four quarters. Also, I want every day in the week to be the same. No weekend bullshit. Every day there should be time for leisure! And there is.

This is how I'll split up my day.

7AM - 1PM: Work
1PM - 7PM: Leisure & Chill
7PM - 1AM: Work or Leisure
1AM - 7PM: Sleep

This way, I have 12 hours per day to work. I also get enough sleep. Every night 6 hours is already enough, but if I still end up feeling tired, I can easily take a nap in the middle of the day. This is also way more efficient.

Did you know 6 hours times 7 days makes it 42? That's why I think this is so special. This means I get 42 hours of work done per week, if I work every morning. This means I can sleep 42 hours a week at night. This means I have 42 hours a week of leisure time. This means, that in the evenings, I have 42 hours of additional work time (or leisure, if I'd like).

I think this will really benefit my productivity as well as decreasing my stress levels. In the afternoon leasure & chill session, I can relax, put off steam and think about anything. Free my mind. Then, at 7PM, it's time to get productive again (or not, I don't have to, just if I choose to).

In most days I'm at work, my productivity drops after 2 or 3 PM anyway...

I don't know, I'll see how it goes!
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