It's Tuesday afternoon in Canggu Bali and I'm in the biggest coworking space in town: Dojo Bali. I've never been in a coworking space with such a great community: So many nice people, and so many great events! But still this happens:

I hear a conversation down the floor... 'So you do game development, right? - Yeah, I do. So you wanted to talk? How did you know I was here? - Oh, well... yeah... it's kind of a coincidence! I saw a post from you on Twitter!'...

Coincidence. That's where our connections often are based on still. Even in 2018. Even with all these technologies. Even professionally.

We have so many tools nowadays to meet other people! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder... They're all used for professional contacts as well. Even though LinkedIn is originally created for it, it doesn't seem to be used a lot here in Dojo...

The importance of networking

Networking is very important for your career. If you succeed to connect to the right people it can give your career a big boost. The more you do this right, the more successful you will be. Also for digital nomads, your career depends on the connections you make. As a few Irish drunks once teached me, when I was in Prague in July 2017:

It's not what you know, it's who you know. -- some drunk Irish fellas

The problem is location, you dumb nomad!

Location of digital nomads changes often, so it's not easy to meet people you find online. Often you find yourself looking at social media like Facebook and Instagram, and sometimes you find someone you actually meet where you are at that moment. But is this efficient? Probably not.

What if there was a platform that made it possible to easily find others near you and told you what they do professionally? Location independence is great, but if we don't watch out we may totally get disconnected from our surroundings. We need a platform that stimulates local interactions and collaboration. Maybe you can also find that programmer you hire on Upwork in this very coworking space, but you just don't know it, because you don't know who programs in Python, and you don't know who's looking for more work!

I believe that a local collaboration is always better than a distant collaboration. So I am building Communify: A platform to enhance coworking communities to the next level, and boost your career through some epic networking help!

A beta is currently in progress, so stay tuned for more, and contact me if you want to collaborate. I'm in Dojo! (At least, I am now! hehehe)