Soon the AI Boom will change things in a drastic way. Google, Facebook, Apple, WhatsApp.... are all... listening. reading. maybe even watching... everything you do. every step you take. Every result you get. And steps and results are correlated, aren't they? See what I'm getting at?

The moment that machines know better what is good for you than you know is near, or it may already be there.

Soon, there will be softwere that understands you so well, it will be, like, your personal advisor. Your lifeguide. And it will start giving you advice.

When people start to believe those advisors, and actually start doing things that machines think they should do, those people will experience improved results.

When people start to experience improved results, this will give computer-trust a big boost.

This big boost will, in a few years time, give rise to all kinds of new AI software that will help humans and companies to improve.