Multitasking is bad for focus and productivity

Single Tasking seems to be the way to go

It is often said that having multiple screens is good for productivity.

However, I think having multiple screens is bad for single tasking. You can only look at one screen at a time. Having two screens stimulates doing two things at the same time - it's easier to switch context.

Futhermore, you can choose to use normal window mode with windows you can drag around, or you can choose to set up full screen mode. In full screen mode, you can't use the bottom program bar, and you don't see the menu bar, unless you go there with your mouse.

This is good for focus. Things in the top and bottom bar can only distract you.

But is having two screens really that much more productive than having one screen? Having open a chrome browser with multiple tabs in the second screen will often distract you from programming. One glance at the slack-tab and you'll notice you have some unread messages: you're distracted.

I think that, for a programmer, it may very well be more productive to just have one screen.

Besides screen setup, you also have your mobile phone. Of course, you may need to be available for calls, but most other things aren't necessary. I think for most people, a dumbphone will work. When you use a dumbphone and put your smartphone away, you will be distracted way less. If you are an app developer like me, it's wise to use a different smartphone to test your app on.