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Recently, I wrote a summary about my 2017. In short, it has been the most transformative year ever in my life, mindset wise.
But 2018 is going to be the most impactful.
Why? Because I want things. From October 2017 until April 2018 I’ve traveled in Asia, and I’ve done what I wanted. Unfortunately, this wasn’t something that could be done for ever. I would run out of money.

I got hungry.

All the things I discovered to live for I can’t have right now. Because, if I would enjoy life too much right now, I would arrive in a local optimum: an average programming job with an average salary, stuck in an average home on an average location. I don’t want average. I want to choose where, what and when. I want freedom. I want to climb the Mount Everest, ride a Royal Enfield through rural India, play hide and seek with the Aztecs, and catch some fish with the Inuits. That’s why I will commit all my energy this year into one mission: making a difference and create something useful for the world.

To put that more accurate, I will make two apps (native and cross-platform) and a programming course in the coming 6 months. They are already in BETA (or Alpha, call it what you want). Much has to be done to make them perfect.

How am I going to stay motivated? Well. I try to keep my vision in front of my eyes every day. But sometimes it cannot be enough and I’m still out of energy (because there’s little fun and a lot of work the coming months). To overcome this, I also use some negative motivation, or ‘blackhat incentives’, as Yu-kai Chou calls it in his book. Tim Ferris calls it Fear-setting. I made a bet with my brother! If I don’t program to get closer to my goal, 5 hours every day, 7 days per week, he gets €50 for every hour I miss. How do I enforce it? I use RescueTime to track when I’m active in the code-editor, and send my brother an automatic e-mail every day with all statistics of that day. I already gave my brother some money as a deposit. If he sees anything less than 5 hours of programming at the end of the day, he’s not going to give it all back.

If you want to know more, and want to do the same, contact me here: I started a collaborative to get my dream closer: I want to be productive in paradise: be able to work and kitesurf (or anything else that’s exiting), every day, together with amazing people. I want to organize a bootcamp to get programmers with big goals together in a house to make our dreams come true. In January 2019, I want to go to Capetown and EAT, CODE, KITE, REPEAT.

This is how 2018 is going to be my most transformative year yet.

Join me! In a few weeks I will move to Berlin to go to the greatest meetups to connect with fellow programmers using the same techniques: Apollo + GraphQL and Expo + React Native. There is a slight possibility that I get too cold there and go to Tel Aviv for some kitesurfing (while still working super-hard). So yeah… Join me! The more, the merrier.